About Anthony Raby:

Acting in the top 1% of mortgage originators in the country according to Mortgage Executive Magazine, Anthony Raby works out of Massachusetts and is happy to help you find home financing in New Hampshire and Rhode Island, as well. Anthony does his best to always be available to answer all your potential questions about home mortgages. Considering Anthony’s title of Premier Producer at RMS, he has ample practice in considering all your loan options and, based on your specific home financing needs, will help you pick the best mortgage program for you. He’ll take the time to explain the pros and cons of each loan program that makes sense for you. 

First-time home buyers are often interested in a low down-payment or no down-payment loan, to start. Other good program options are the Fannie Mae conventional 3% down payment mortgage, the FHA 3.5% down payment mortgage, the VA 0% down payment mortgage for military and USDA-RD 0% down payment for buying a home in an approved rural neighborhood.

A message from Anthony:

It is my goal to be as helpful as I can in informing you about all you need to know regarding your home financing and I hope to make your home buying process as stress-free as it can be. One way you can get ahead of the game is to get pre-approved as soon as you can. From pre-approval to finally buying your new home, I’ll be there to help, every step of the way. Give me a call to get started!

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